An Ode’ to Carl and Brett Kenyons With Our Deepest Gratitude

An Ode’ to  Carl & Brett Kenyons with our deepest gratitude

Your caring voice that answered the call,

reassuring us you’d sort it all.

These moments were the hardest to bear,

but you eased our pain with your compassion and care.

Just take a moment were here for you, we feel your pain we’re family men too.

Try to relax and clear your mind, what special memories have they left behind?

Take these gifts, and to all you can tell for your loved ones obituary in their final farewell.

You helped our decisions with your wisdom and advice.

When choosing your service we’re glad we never thought twice.

Your gentle touch as you kept her safe.

We will never forget this calm resting place.

The flowers, the cards, the dates and the time;

Not one little detail slipped through your mind.

This career of yours must come at a price

to be witness to others grief and strife.

You must be blessed with hearts of gold,

To ensure so much sadness but never seem cold.

You helped our family and these words are our thanks.

For your warmth and dignified company your top of the ranks.

So to all of you at Carl & Brett Kenyons, our sisters last protectors,

what amazing people you are, you funeral directors.


Poem written by Carrie Greeney