• How to register a death

    What to do when someone passes awayIf a person passes away at home and they are under treatment for a terminal illness the first person to inform is the GP. If it is out of surgery hours phone the surgery and they will have a number of whom to contact. Once the Doctor has been to confirm the death, you can then inform the Funeral Director who will then remove the deceased to the chapel of rest.

    The following day your Doctor will then issue you a certificate that you will take to the registrars to register the death.

    The telephone number for the registrar is 08001236705. An appointment must be made at the registrar beforehand

    If a person passes away at home and they have not been ill previously, call out the doctor immediately, once the Doctor has certified the person has passed away and cannot say what the cause of death is he will then inform the coroner. Once the coroner has been out to see the deceased you can then phone the funeral director who will remove the person to the hospital for an examination to find the cause of death.

    Once this has been established, a certificate will be issued for you to register the death. The funeral director can then collect the deceased and the funeral can take place.

  • Children’s funerals

    At Meridian Funeral Home, we do not charge for a child’s funeral up to 16. Your only costs are what we have to pay on your behalf. We understand this is the worst time in anyone’s life, and we try our best to ease the pain in any way we can.

  • Non-religious funerals

    Lots of families ask the question what does everyone usually do?

    At Meridian Funeral Home, we do not consider anything to be out of the ordinary. You needn’t follow what other people do.

    Each and every funeral should be carried out to reflect the person’s personality that has passed away. After all, it is a celebration of their life, not just a life in general.

  • Low Priced Off-Peak Funeral Service

    Would you consider arranging the funeral between 8am, and 8:30am?

    If so, we can offer you a low-cost funeral which is caring and thoughtfully carried out.

    • Off-peak hours*
    • Crematorium service
    • Hearse
    • Oak veneered coffin

    Your family can follow and see that things are carried out with respect.
    Total price £1,200.00

    When you call, please ask for “The direct but caring funeral”.
    *Off-peak crematorium hours only.

  • Customer Service

    Providing good service to you is essential to us.


    24 Hour Service
    Whatever time you call us: during office hours, after 5pm, or even all weekend, and you will always speak to someone who works at Meridian Funeral Home.

    We Look After Your Loved One
    We are a True Funeral Home. When you lose a loved one, they are brought to Meridian looked after from the moment they arrive. We live on the premises, so you know they are not left alone in a lock-up building. Your loved one is never moved from one building to another.

    We Work To Make Things Go Smoothly
    You deal with the same people throughout the process. We make sure that you have met the person who conducts the funeral, making you feel at ease knowing you trust this person.

    Your Personal Choices Are Respected
    The details of a funeral are a very personal choice. We work with you to carry out the funeral exactly as you want it to be. For example, we offer to walk in front of the hearse but realise this is not always wanted. We always give you a choice.