How should you feel about going inside a funeral home?

Kenyons Meridian Funeral Home

At Meridian, we try our utmost to make everyone who enters our funeral home feel comfortable and at ease. My son Brett and I understand that this can be a daunting experience. Families have expressed to us on occasions their feelings of apprehension and uncertainty of what to expect, also of what is actually expected. On leaving our home, they expressed emotions of peace and calmness, and their anxiety was left at the front door.

This is a subject Brett, the rest of our team, and I discuss regularly. We are constantly aiming to achieve this goal. You will find that Meridian Funeral Home is designed as a home environment, not a typical office. Yet still, keeping everything professional.

All are warmly invited to call in and meet ourselves or our staff members to discuss any concerns that may arise. Whether this is a bereavement, funeral plan or just peace of mind.

If you would like to make an appointment to call in to see us to discuss anything in particular, please do not hesitate as there is always someone readily available to attend to these concerns.

In December 2020, we introduced our Memory Tree, which appears to be resonating with our families. Our Memory Tree can assist in the grieving process. It allows our families to leave a message or a memory in tribute to their loved one.

We have had numerous telephone calls from people who have enquired about this. The Memory Tree is open to families past and present who wish to leave a memory. We have had many complimentary comments, as “a brilliant idea, fantastic” and can also assist young children in the grieving process, knowing that they have left a message for their loved one at their place of rest.

A Candle of Remembrance is lit every day in memory of your loved ones. It is accompanied by a small verse
“This candle of remembrance
is lit with love every day.
In remembrance of your loved ones,
Who are resting here”.

“May their light live on,
And never fade”

We also provide a book of remembrance in which your loved ones name can be placed, which is on display for all to see.

Many of you have already noticed our successful Facebook page. We would like to express gratitude for everyone’s support and input over the years. We welcome any questions or enquiries, and we will try to reply to all concerned. It has been noticed how people are happy to engage with Meridian Funeral Home by using social media. This again assists in breaking down the barriers that previously existed in the past to reduce the fear of funeral homes. It shows that it can actually achieve in giving people comfort by engaging with us on social media.

We sincerely hope that people will now see us as approachable. Ours is a fourth-generation funeral home. As a family, we have been assisting families in Chorley, surrounding areas, for many years. We would like to thank all concerned for placing their trust in ourselves when making arrangements, especially in caring for their loved ones.