People want a difficult day to go smoothly

Kenyons Meridian Funeral Home

We recently received a ‘thank you’ card which included the following sentence…

“Thank you for helping a difficult day go smoothly.”

This is one of the main things that we all want when we have to organise a funeral, to have a difficult day go smoothly.

I spoke to Carl Kenyon and asked him about the sort of problems which families can face…

“We do like things to go smoothly, but it is not always the case because of unforeseen events.

Just recently on the day before a funeral the family had to deal with isolation because of the virus, I got the call on a Sunday evening, and the funeral was taking place the next day on Monday.

The church in which the funeral was taking place did not do live stream which the family needed.

I suggested calling a different church of the same religion nearby which did live streaming so the family could see and hear the funeral mass. We contacted both church and had everything rearranged by later that evening.

We informed everyone, and things ran smoothly. It did not erase the upset the family had to deal with on top of their loss, but it did help to ease it a little.”