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From your first call, we are always available to help with everything regarding the funeral.


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• If the person has passed away at home – we can always be there within the hour to take the deceased back to our funeral home where they are looked after immediately.
• If the person has passed away in hospital, the first step is to register the death at the registrar. Then we can collect that person from the hospital.


The Impact of Covid:19 in Registering a Death

Since Covid 19 it is much easier for families to register a death, the bereaved family phone the doctor’s surgery or the hospital and ask for the Medical Certificate. The doctor sends the Certificate by email to the registrar, and the registrar will then phone the family and register the death over the phone.

    Send us an email

    Please use our built-in form to contact us. All information completed within this form is automatically emailed to our office once you press 'Send'

    Church or Crematorium

    We will phone the Church or Crematorium to arrange the best day for you. We never say this is when the funeral has to be.

    Where to Meet

    Once a day has been decided we would ask where the funeral would meet on the day, either the family house or Meridian funeral home.

    Getting to the Funeral

    We would find out if you need transport using our limousines, or prefer to use your own.

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    Order of Service

    We arrange and sort out the Order of Service and arrange the printing.


    We have flower books from Chorley florists for you to look at at the funeral home or if you can view them at your own home.



    If you have a burial, we arrange to buy the grave, or if you have an existing family grave, then we arrange for that to be opened.


    If you have a cremation, we arrange for the Minister and make arrangements for the Cremated remains after the cremation occurs.

    Choice of Coffins

    We have a wide range of coffins from Cardboard to bespoke Solid Oak Caskets.

    For Transportation

    You can choose from:
    • Volvo Hearse
    • Horse-drawn hearse
    • Motorbike hearse
    • Bespoke transportation. For example, we also let families place the coffin on a wagon if that is your preference.

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    Our Policy

    Whatever way you want the funeral to take place we will organise it for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    If people ask me “what do people usually do”, my reply is, “do not think what other people do, arrange the funeral as you see fit and personalise it in the best way you can.